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Sharfina Fitri Indrayadi
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Good news for all of you who claimed yourself a coffee lover! New variant that is known as Bandung signature coffee brand will satisfied your journey in coffee tasting, through the very first sip of your cup of coffee. It is no wonder that Kopi Aroma coffee become Bandung (and possibly West Java) most favorite traditional coffee. 

Signature local taste in each brewed coffee bean is not the only excellence from Kopi Aroma, located in Bandung's old Chinatown, see if you can witnessed the process of producing the coffee that would take you back to the obsolete era. During a visit in the factory, discovered how Kopi Aroma produces organic coffee in premium quality with no chemical ingredient allowed. 

Widya Pratama is the second generation of his family that runs this coffee shop. Although he managed to become success in placing Kopi Aroma on the market, in 1966 until 1970, the coffee shop remain silent, with no vivid marketing purposes on the run. Since then, Widya Pratama has revived the brand, boosting its popularity, and of course, sales.


Satisfaction. Nostalgic. Old-fashioned. Sweet-smelling.


Those words would describe Kopi Aroma the best among all coffee addicts in Indonesia.











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